Happy Birthday Muppet Movie!

Yesterday saw the 40th anniversary of one of my favourite movies, The Muppet Movie.

To celebrate, I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat and will settle down to rewatch very shortly, but in the mean time, join me in celebrating…

I made a picture of Kermit and Piggy as they appear on the poster for the movie and also on the soundtrack.

Because I love to share my lines with you colourers, here are the lines. Throw on some colour, and share it wherever possible and either tag me (inst@misterhope or twitter@misterhpe) and I’ll send the best one(s) a little something in the mail!

If you haven’t yet treated yourself to a rewatch of this great, great movie, give it a watch for me…you won’t be disappointed.

I really enjoyed revisiting the awesome soundtrack and struggled to pinpoint one particular scene to focus on. So many fantastic scenes…the cameos, the romance, the action, the bikes(!) and in the end I just happened to glance at the album cover and boom. Why not redraw it?!

So without further ado, here are the lines for you to add your own colours too, they can be digital or traditional, it’s up to you…remember to tag me! Prizes up for grabs.

Deadline Wednesday July 31st.

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