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Batman Colouring Page

Greetings Bat-Fans!

The monthly art prompt website PLANET PULP is back after a break.

Because there’s finally a new Batman in the cinema, March’s topic is BATMAN!

So i made a Batman pic and added a little digital colour (for a change from my usual traditional methods!)

See Bat-Pic below, and scroll a little further to find a printable colouring in page for you to add your own colours too. This would also work digitally if you import into Procreate or Photoshop or whatever digital tools you like to use!

I hope that i’m able to get a couple more Bat-pieces done during March so check back for more soon…..

Planet Pulp

Planet Pulp – April

This months theme for Planet-Pulp is Fantastic Fours. Not necessarily THE Fantastic Four…but Awesome Foursomes! The News Team, from Anchorman. The Golden Girls. The Beatles…if you think about it for a little while…there are a lot.

Anyhoo, i had this idea a while back, and it fitted perfectly. So here’s my Four.

The Hogwarts Founders.

Hogwarts Founders w names no background

Here are the sketches too, its fun to see progress…

Preorders for this print are now available, follow this link!