Colour The Bat-Dance

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, and a while since I left you with a printable activity! So here’s a printable Bat-Dance for you all to colour in!

I made this last year and forgot to do anything with it, so I’m finally uploading it for you to print and colour or add your own digital colours in an app of your choice!

Boogie with the Batman. And don’t forget to tag @misterhope on Instagram and @misterhpe on Twitter…

‘Til next time Batfriends.

Quarantine Club

Catbus Colouring

Welcome to another colouring page post.

I wanted to make a picture of a Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro) and decided it would be fun to upload the lines so you guys can colour your own. Feel free to print and crayon or download to digitally colour!

Be sure to tag @misterhope on instagram or MisterHopeDraws on Facebook or simply send via direct message!

Have Fun.

Quarantine Club

Animal Matching Game

Good afternoon team! How are you all doin’?

We’re mid way through week 2 of home school and things are going well this end, hopefully they are for you guys too!

Here’s the next activity sheet, with another planned for the end of the week!

Remember to print 2 copies, and if you want to share it, tag @misterhope (instagram) and @misterhpe (twitter) and be sure to use #misterhopequarantineclub


Look after each other.