It’s been a minute…

Good morning!

Again, I have to apologise for my lack of updates, I’m sure most of you follow my social media accounts (Instagram/@misterhope and Twitter/@misterhpe!) so you’ve seen most of the recent works including my inktober contributions, and the preparation for Thought Bubble festival in Harrogate this weekend.

I have some exciting news that I’ll be able to share with you very soon, but in the mean time, here’s some colouring sheets for you to do!

As usual print and colour and either share it and tag me, or email it them to me! misterhopedraws@hotmail.com

I’ll be sure to share them!

You could also digitally colour if you prefer, but enjoy it, whatever you do!

Until next time,



Happy Birthday Muppet Movie!

Yesterday saw the 40th anniversary of one of my favourite movies, The Muppet Movie.

To celebrate, I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat and will settle down to rewatch very shortly, but in the mean time, join me in celebrating…

I made a picture of Kermit and Piggy as they appear on the poster for the movie and also on the soundtrack.

Because I love to share my lines with you colourers, here are the lines. Throw on some colour, and share it wherever possible and either tag me (inst@misterhope or twitter@misterhpe) and I’ll send the best one(s) a little something in the mail!

If you haven’t yet treated yourself to a rewatch of this great, great movie, give it a watch for me…you won’t be disappointed.

I really enjoyed revisiting the awesome soundtrack and struggled to pinpoint one particular scene to focus on. So many fantastic scenes…the cameos, the romance, the action, the bikes(!) and in the end I just happened to glance at the album cover and boom. Why not redraw it?!

So without further ado, here are the lines for you to add your own colours too, they can be digital or traditional, it’s up to you…remember to tag me! Prizes up for grabs.

Deadline Wednesday July 31st.

Just for Fun

Happy Love Day

Queen Watevra Wanabi wishes you a Happy Love Day.

I enjoyed the Lego Movie 2 so much, and the ‘Evil Queen’ is a super character! I couldn’t resist drawing my own…

I hear you say ‘I want to colour my own in’, well my friends, click the black and white version for a printable Queen.I also drew a Lego Batman with his new Apocalypseburg outfit! I’ll try and find the inks to upload a colourable version of that too!

Have a great day!

Phonics Time

Phonics Time!

The smallest Hope is currently smashing her way through the phonics part of learning to read.
All the single letters are under her belt, and now she’s started blending 2 letters to make one sound.
They seem like great drawing prompts and because i can’t help myself, i made a couple of pictures for my little one to take in to show her classmates!
So here is ‘ai’ as in snail…

and here is ‘ng’ as in king.

If you want to colour in your own Flamingo King, or even get your own little ones to do it, print the image and go crazy… be sure to tag @misterhope on instagram or @misterhpe on twitter!

right click ‘Save As’



I’ll do some more soon and please keep reading as i plan to update my blog much much more than i do at the moment…

In the mean time,

I love you.

Mister Hope


Le Petit Bestiaire Fantastique

Well, it’s happening gang!

The book i’ve been working since January is finished and is due for publication on September 19th…

Here’s the cover;

And here’s a link to the Hachette page about the book! <-Click!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND finally, a link to the Amazon preorder.

It’s worth mentioning, that Hachette Heroes (the publisher of the book) is French, so the book will be published in French initially with a possible English translation soon! But buy it for the pictures…and with photo translation on smart phones now, you can read it in ANY LANGUAGE!

As a special treat, to those few who actually visit my website, here’s a small selection of monsters/creatures from the book (pictures in book won’t be watermarked!)

I love you.

Mister Hope

Just for Fun

From The Balcony

Statler and Waldorf are the best.

It’s tough to draw Muppets because they’re already so stylised it’s sometimes difficult to capture the essence of the character while retaining an art style. I think i did alright here!

Please download the colouring page and add your own colour! I’d love to see it…tag me on twitter @misterhpe or Instagram @misterhope!

I’ll make a post containing all the colouring pages i receive!

As i recently managed to get tickets for The Muppets (LIVE SHOW!) at the O2 arena, this will be the first of many Muppet pictures while i try and contain my excitement!

Keep an eye out!



So here marks the first of hopefully many updates about the latest project i am working on.

Thomas Olivri (of Geek-Art.net) and I are currently working on a bestiary of monsters and creatures. The book will include monsters from movies and tv shows but will also include myths and legends too!

Although i can’t share too much, I recently finished a basilisk for the book and took photos of progress.


So there you have it. Keep an eye out for future posts teasing the new book, but i am so excited for everyone to see it!

Be good.



Batmonday 5

Urgh, I am terrible at this. I never have any time just to sit and blog/update you all with news!

Obviously, 2017 ended and we’re all still here. But Batmonday also ended. 52 Mondays, 52 Batman drawings.

See previous posts for all 52, but here are the remaining 12… 41-52! Click to enlarge, and scroll through!



Batmonday 4

As some of you may remember, i’ve been illustrating Batman pictures every Monday since the start of the year. See previous posts for the first 30 Batmonday pictures.

Here’s weeks 31-40. At the end of the year i will do something with the pictures (a book of some kind maybe) so y’all can see them up close and personal!


Keep up with social medias (links above) to get all the latest news and see works in progress and projects i am currently working on!