Planet Pulp

Planet Pulp – April

This months theme for Planet-Pulp is Fantastic Fours. Not necessarily THE Fantastic Four…but Awesome Foursomes! The News Team, from Anchorman. The Golden Girls. The Beatles…if you think about it for a little while…there are a lot.

Anyhoo, i had this idea a while back, and it fitted perfectly. So here’s my Four.

The Hogwarts Founders.

Hogwarts Founders w names no background

Here are the sketches too, its fun to see progress…

Preorders for this print are now available, follow this link!



Greetings Bat-Fans.

As some of you are aware, I have been drawing a Batman themed picture on Mondays since the beginning of the year.

You can see them on my social medias (links above).

I’m going to do my best to remember to upload them here too, in bursts of 10.

So here are the first 10 BatMondays.


Welcome Back!

So, here’s my first blog post on my new blog.

Bloggy Blog Blog.

My old website was broken, so i decided to upgrade downgrade sidegrade.

The Gallery of works is no longer available. Instead, you should head to for all my latest works including works in progress.

I shall use the blog to update on projects and fun things, and also of events and shows i will be attending.

There will also be a link to my online store when i’ve worked out how to include it, but in the mean time is where all the good stuff is.


I AM GROOT pin, now available. Click the pic to be taken straight there!


Thanks for joining me on the next chapter of my illustrative journey.

More exciting news to follow…